Waiting Child Adoption Program

Making a Difference Throughout New Jersey

As the needs of our community change, we respond by doing what we can to make a difference.

Waiting Child Adoption Program

Who are the “waiting children”?
There are more than 118,000 children across the nation who are currently waiting to be placed in an adoptive home. They are in the custody of the state in which they reside and live in foster or residential facilities. They have been removed from the care of their birth family due to neglectful or abusive circumstances. “Waiting children” often have physical or emotional problems due to circumstances inflicted upon them by others. They often have developmental delays or learning disabilities. They need a nurturing family of their own who offers care, protection, and opportunity for growth and development.

Is there a child waiting for you?
Adopting a child with special needs, though demanding and challenging, offers endless possibilities and rewards. It is truly a priceless gift to offer a loving home to a child who may have never experienced security and respect, and to offer dependability to a child who may have never felt trust.

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