Lutherans Feeding Friends

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As the needs of our community change, we respond by doing what we can to make a difference.

Lutherans Feeding Friends


Lutheran Feeding Friends

The U.S. economy is struggling. Americans are losing jobs. And pantries, congregationally-based feeding ministries that previously provided emergency, intermittent help to families in need, are now being increasingly relied on as a primary food source. Shelves are emptying and lines for help are lengthening at an unprecedented rate.

Two kinds of action are required: a swift response to this pressing problem, and a long-range strategy that will help keep these feeding ministries operating efficiently for a long time to come.

Lutherans Feeding Friends is designed to provide both. Phase I is the creation of an emergency fund to support food pantries, soup kitchens, other feeding programs. These ministries, generally run by Lutheran congregations, supply food to anyone who is hungry, regardless of religious affiliation. 

Phase II is for the long haul. To help ensure that food pantries stay strong, and to meet the need for start-up or expansion of food pantries throughout New Jersey, the Lutherans Feeding Friends program will include training of church and community members in the most effective methods of gathering, stocking and distributing nonperishable food supplies.

All congregations that receive training and funds through Lutherans Feeding Friends are required to report back on how funds are used, how many people are served, and other pertinent information. The goal is to provide assistance for a specified period, so that food pantries will become robust enough to be self-sufficient.

LSMNJ’s foundation, the Lutheran Foundation of New Jersey, has established a fund to grant seed money to provide immediate and future support. In addition, Lutherans Feeding Friends seeks funding from individuals, corporations and foundations. To learn more about this grant or to apply, contact Beth Gebhart at 609-699-4133 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


To support Lutherans Feeding Friends, individual contributions are needed. Donate Now to support this wonderful program.

Jeans Day Program

Jeans Day Friday
You can also incorporate a Jeans Day program, like the staff at LSMNJ’s corporate office did. By electing to make weekly $5 donations to the program, the employees are able to wear jeans on Fridays. For more information on how to start a Jeans Day program, contact Gail Verlander
Fund Development Manager.