Management Services

Managing Meaningful Change

LSMNJ expertise in project design, financial packaging, and operational management helps provide those with limited choices a safe and welcoming place to call their own.

Management Services

As a developer and manager of affordable housing, senior living and care programs, and other social ministries across the state, we provide places to call home and support services addressing diverse needs of New Jersey residents, regardless of religious affiliation or background.

Where options are limited but needs are great, we make available to families, seniors, and special-needs individuals what everyone wants—a quality affordable place to live where one can feel connected to the greater community as well as safe and secure at home. We do so in a way that inspires a sense of pride and independence among our residents that helps make communities stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.

In addition to successfully managing these residential properties, we foster a safe and inviting environment and help to coordinate social and care services in support of residents’ medical, social, and emotional needs

Extending our resources to best address housing and care needs, LSMNJ seeks out opportunities to partner with government, business, civic organizations, and others to make a positive difference in the community. And, in addition to following our own internal guidelines, we comply with all municipal, state and federal guidelines.