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Local Artists “Capture the Castle”


MOORESTOWN, NJ – Lutheran Crossings at Moorestown partnered with Moorestown Creates to host the inaugural event, “Capture the Castle,” on September 27. Local artists gathered on the lawn Thursday to emulate the historic landmark, known as Breidenhart Castle, in whatever medium they chose. The event was free for all to enjoy and open to artists of all ages and skill levels.

With a beautiful day at hand, several local artists embarked on a creative journey to capture the majestic castle that sits at 255 East Main Street. Some worked with watercolor, others sketched, and even a sculptor and a woodworker rose to the challenge. Sean Kain, of SPK Customs Woodworking, and Lisa Mrak, a local sculptor of ceramics each left their creative mark on the day in their own way.

At 25 years of age, Sean has already been fine-tuning his craft for nine years. Standing at his lathe and shaping exotic woods from across the world at the event, Sean credited his high school teacher, Mr. Clark, and his Bucks County College Professor, Mark Sfirri, for inspiring his work. “I began with an interest in building guitars,” explains Sean. “But now I craft everything from furniture to custom instruments.” Lisa Mrak forged her sculpture prior to the event and proudly displayed it throughout the day. The miniature version of the Moorestown landmark featured the infamous turret and was adorned with festive flags. Both artists are members of Moorestown Creates and served as committee members for the ‘Capture the Castle’ event.

Mike Wick, a retired teacher and naval officer from Moorestown, shared that he took up painting just two years ago. He has taken several classes at Perkins Center for the Arts and finds inspiration from his instructor there. While Carol Summers Nash, also a Moorestown resident, spent the day perched in a shady nook and created a beautiful masterpiece using watercolor. She typically does portraits for local residents, but seemed to master landscapes during the event at Lutheran Crossings.

“We are thrilled with the success of today’s event. Not only did multiple artists come and share their talents with us, but we also saw residents of Lutheran Crossings senior living community emerge to embrace the beauty of the day and the energy of the artists,” praised Leah Reynolds, Vice President of Philanthropy & Mission Advancement for Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey, parent organization for Lutheran Crossings at Moorestown. Reynolds is an artist member of Moorestown Creates and one of the organizers of the event. “This will be one of many cultural art events at Lutheran Crossings as we look forward to connecting our campus with the many artists in and around Moorestown.”

Local artist, Carol Summers Nash, uses watercolor to capture the essence of the historic Moorestown landmark, Breidenhart Castle.

Dr. Ronald Berna, Medical Director at Lutheran Crossings at Moorestown observes Carol Summers Nash as she captures Breidenhart Castle in watercolor.

Mike Wick, retired teacher and Moorestown resident, shares his work-in-progress watercolor portrait of Breidenhart Castle.