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Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey Closes its Adoption Options Program


In 1904, several Lutheran pastors opened an orphanage in Jersey City, NJ to minister and care for children that were on the street, homeless, parentless and hungry. This orphanage became the foundation for what is now known as Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey. 

In 1948, with the expansion of additional ministries, LSMNJ also became licensed as an adoption agency. Responding to changes in the world and society, the adoption agency grew out of the orphanage and responded to the need for building families and creating homes for children of all ages. For over 70 years, we have created loving homes and families for more than 4,000 children. 

Now today, we have seen a dramatic decline in the number of adoptions. The Board of Trustees at LSMNJ, together with management, has made the difficult decision to close our Adoption Program, known as Adoption Options. This was not an easy decision, given our 70-year history. But it has become financially unsustainable to maintain the program. During the next few weeks, we will complete adoptions due to finalize before August 31, 2018 and we will transfer all others to another New Jersey licensed adoption agency. 

We have already begun to work with our waiting families to assist them in transitioning to a new agency. We have identified reputable agencies that are able to help our families continue their adoption journey. While this program is what started our ministry and we are proud of this history, our mission is to respond to the changing times and meet the needs of individuals in New Jersey.  It is the mission that guides us and helps to evolve, adapt and to change us into a leading social services organization for the residents of New Jersey.

Please contact calling Diane D’Agostino, Director of Adoption Options at (609) 699-4112, with any questions or concerns.