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For a comprehensive look at LSMNJ and some of its programs and services, read our Annual Report to the Community. This “year in review” magazine provides an up-close look at LSMNJ's programs, current and future development projects, and its 2012 accomplishments. This year’s edition also includes an article on the impact super storm Sandy had on New Jersey residents and how LSMNJ responded to meet their needs.

2012 Report

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2013 Journal Of Philanthropy


The 2013 Journal of Philanthropy is a reflection of the many who support the work of Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey (LSMNJ). Our priorities are encapsulated in LSMNJ’s new tag line—Your need is our mission—and speaks to our commitment to accompany people along life’s pathway. Alone, our resources are limited. But when we are united in purpose—to serve those who hurt, who are in need, or who have limited choices— we can do amazing things.


2013 Journal of Philanthropy

2012 Journal of Philanthropy