Partnering With Churches

Partnering in God’s Grace to Serve

Find out how LSMNJ works with Lutheran congregations, individuals, and groups to extend God’s love by reaching out across New Jersey in a multitude of supportive ways.

Partnering With Churches

LSMNJ values the ministry we share with our New Jersey congregations in responding to the homeless, those that are food insecure or impacted by disaster, and those from infants to seniors who need our help.   When we partner with congregations, we not only extend our reach – but also learn new ways to connect with and touch our communities. Thank you for helping us to further our mission.

For Pastors and Church Office Staff

For your convenience, we have placed valuable resources here to share with your congregation. Download documents and to find out more about who we are and the classes we offer contact Beth Gebhart at 609-699-4133 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

For Food Pantry Coordinators

Do you have a food ministry in need funds? Are you interested is starting a food ministry? We offer a grant for these purposes to Lutheran congregations that meet our specified criteria. Learn more about Lutherans Feeding Friends! Contact Beth Gebhart at 609-699-4133 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Take a look … at congregations that have made use of a Lutherans Feeding Friends grant.

How Can LSMNJ Help You?

LSMNJ offers educational classes at no charge to your church members, including specialized programs for children and youth. Review the list below and see how they fit your program needs.

Confirmation Class: Taught on a variety of topics.

  • Living the Great Commandment
  • Social Ministry in the Life of a Teenager
  • How Lutherans are at Work in the World
  • Justice For All
  • Other topics that fit your congregation’s confirmation process

Adult Forum: Content focuses on the work of LSMNJ in general or particular programs of interest to the group.

  • Three-part series moves participants from (1) a general knowledge of LSMNJ and opportunities for congregational involvement to (2) a conversation about social ministry in context and then to (3) a discovery of your gifts and the gifts of your community.
  • Just Neighbors Program highlights social issues such as affordable housing, children and poverty, the minimum wage, and advocacy and the church. This resource is excellent for a Lenten program, an adult forum series, or a condensed confirmation lesson.

Social Ministry Committees: We are available to assist congregations in developing and enhancing their commitment and connection to their communities.

Worship: We offer Temple Talks and guest/supply preachers.
For more information, please contact Beth Gebhart at 609-699-4133 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).