Board of Trustees

Providing Perspective and Oversight

Partnering with senior leadership, members of the Board of Trustees give generously of their time, expertise, and energy to ensure our organization’s sound operation and the strategic growth necessary to fulfill the mission of LSMNJ now and into the future.

Board of Trustees

Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey is governed by a board of trustees that includes individuals from businesses, churches, clergy, and other professional and community sectors throughout the state.

Rev. Tracie Bartholomew - Ex-officio

Rev. Bruce Davidson

Rev. Thomas Dorsey

Colleen Frankenfield - President & CEO

Charles Holmes

Linda Kassekert

Edward P. Noble - Treasurer

James O’Neil - Vice Chair

Allen Ponsini

Juhan Runne

Rev. Dr. Anthony Steinbronn - Ex-officio

Kenneth Van Dogen

David Waddell - Chair

Angelique Williams - Secretary       

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