Our nonprofit services are making a difference throughout New Jersey

Immigration legal services, disaster response, food banks, and assisting the less fortunate—although different, all these nonprofit services all share the same goal of healing and nurturing communities throughout New Jersey.

As the needs of our communities change, we respond by doing what we can to make a difference.

Community Engagement

Through a neighborhood ministry, we connect with local congregations to support their efforts in developing community outreach programs.

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Immigration legal services

Immigration Legal Services (ILS)

To assist those from other countries transition to life in New Jersey, we offer a broad range of immigration legal services.

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LSMNJ Disaster Recovery

We provide support and resources for long-term disaster recovery in New Jersey, partnering with national Lutheran Disaster Response, churches, and local communities.

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Lutherans Feeding Friends

Lutherans Feeding Friends supports food pantries, soup kitchens, and other feeding programs. These ministries, generally run by Lutheran congregations, supply food to anyone who is hungry, regardless of religious affiliation.

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Lutheran Learning

LSMNJ offers a series of workshops and classes entitled Lutheran Learning. These educational programs are intended for your pastor, church leaders, and congregational members to enhance your ministry and broaden your understanding of current topics.

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H.E.R.O (Housing, Employment, Recovery, Opportunity) is a nonprofit program that was developed to help underserved individuals, families, and communities enhance their individual and collective well-being.

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