Earth Day Clean Up Fuels Healthy Eating Initiative for Camden Youth Camp

AllRisk and Brickman Group Volunteer to Clean Lutheran Social Ministries of NJ’s Vegetable Garden

Camden, N.J. – Employees of AllRisk Property Damage Experts and the Brickman Group celebrated Earth Day by cleaning up the Lutheran Social Ministries of N.J.’s (LSM/NJ) vegetable garden in Camden. Children (ages 5-13) of north Camden maintain the vegetable garden during LSM/NJ’s Camden Children’s Collaborative summer camp.

On Monday April 22, employees volunteers from LSM/NJ, allRisk, Brickman, and residents participated in the cleanup.

“It was great to get out and clean up the garden,” says allRisk Vice President Christine Messina. “It’s such a beautiful symbol of LSMN/NJ’s good work, planting seeds of hope for the children of Camden, so they  can be nurtured, grow and flourish.”

During the summer camp, children learn how to eat healthy while maintaining the vegetable garden.

“The need to educate children and families on healthy choices is essential,” says Barbara Fullerton, Fund Director of LSM/NJ. “We decided to make sure the garden is ready for the summer camp by cleaning and preparing the site for the garden on Earth Day. It’s the perfect way to spend Earth Day,”

“This year the garden features basil, dill, rosemary, cilantro, tomatoes, green peppers, hot peppers eggplant, squash, and sunflowers. Camp members also learned the importance of sharing by giving some vegetables to local community members. It’s an important garden not only for the children, but for the community.”