FLIK Lifestyles’ Culinary Experience Infused at Lutheran Crossings Enhanced Living at Moorestown

LCEL - Flik logoMOORESTOWN, NJ – Lutheran Crossings is dishing out the same great culinary delights to its assisted living and skilled nursing residents, but with a fresh perspective from FLIK Lifestyles, an operating company of Compass Group North America.

“It’s about providing an upscale culinary experience to our residents. One that promotes health and wellbeing,” explains Joe Schafer, director of dining services at Lutheran Crossings Enhanced Living at Moorestown. “We were operating under the Morrison Senior Living brand until recently. Our parent company, Compass Group North America, sensed that our region and our facility would benefit from the FLIK Lifestyles’ philosophy. Our purpose is to enrich the lives of seniors, every day. We have a strong focus on hospitality. Simply put, we are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen.”

The quality of food and variety of offerings has not changed, as all of Compass Group’s companies operate with the highest of standards. Lutheran Crossings’ dining services team uses wholesome, fresh ingredients, vital to health, and harvested in a socially responsible way for the well-being of its residents. But what you may see is an embedded culture of extraordinary hospitality and a ‘spirit to serve,’ creating the most compassionate level of dining services.

LCEL - Flik Staff
Members of Lutheran Crossings’ Dining Service Team are employees of FLIK Lifestyles, an operating company of Compass Group North America.

Members of the dining services team address the residents by their first names. They spend time getting to know them personally, meeting their families, and learning about their interests and their past. Meal time is used for socializing. Festive theme nights, as well as picnics and BBQs, are incorporated as a means to connect all the senses.

Chef David Cooper has been with Compass Group for 16 years. “We approach every menu offering as an opportunity to bring the ‘outside’ in for our residents. Many have traveled the world, or have their own culinary traditions. Flavor, as well as authentic ingredients, guides us. The residents provide inspiration to our creative menu selections,” he shares. “It’s a very personal approach because we are merely guests in their home.”


About Lutheran Crossings Enhanced Living at Moorestown
Lutheran Crossings Enhanced Living at Moorestown, formerly known as Lutheran Care at Moorestown, offers a continuum of quality care and residential hospitality to seniors and those in need of assisted living, rehabilitation andskilled nursing services. As part of Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey (LSMNJ) – a mission-driven, statewide not-for-profit organization – Lutheran Crossings Enhanced Living is open to all, regardless of religious affiliation or background. To learn more about Lutheran Crossings, visit www.lutherancrossings.org or call 856-235-1214.