Help LSMNJ Make Masks for Seniors In Need

If you are sheltering in your home and safe, think of all those on the front lines of the healthcare continuum that are fighting the battle. In addition to hospitals there are so many other levels of care and community based programs such as Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, PACE, Hospice, Home Care and Senior Housing.

There are COVID-19 patients everywhere and there are nurses, doctors and so many other medically related staff. Help us to protect them at this time of great shortage of protective equipment. Go to your basements and look for fabric. Pull out your sewing machines. Have your kids help you cut the fabric as we shelter-in-place and work to stop the spread.

Here is a helpful “How to” flyer on mask making.

Please pass this request to everyone in your email box. Post it on your Facebook page and Linkedin. New Jersey Seniors need your help!

Please email us and tell us how many masks you can make, take your picture sewing your masks and post it on your Facebook page and LinkedIn. If you are in NJ we will come pick up the masks on your doorstep. If you can’t sew and want to help, make a donation at

Let us show our united spirit and come together to protect and care for one another.

Colleen Frankenfield, President & CEO of Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey, sat at her sewing machine this weekend to help get our mask drive started. Ms. Frankenfield helped show that we are all in this together, and that even a few yards of fabric can go a very long way.