Home For the Holidays – One Man’s Heartwarming Homecoming!

George in his new home

Over eight years ago George came to New Visions Homeless Day Shelter through the Community Worker Employment Program (CWEP). He was an unemployed plumber that fell on hard times and became homeless. Through CWEP he was assigned to volunteer 10 hours a week at the shelter. George soon came to enjoy the people at New Visions so much that he would volunteer 35 hours each week. He explained that he just felt at home at New Visions. He worked odd jobs here and there, but struggled to make ends meet, like many of the other patrons.

About two years ago, George was approached by members of the LSMNJ team to help fill a temporary position as a maintenance staff member at LSMNJ’s affordable family housing program in Camden. Since it was part-time work, he still volunteered at New Visions on his days off, and found a warm place to sleep at Joseph’s House, a safe drop-in center located next to New Visions.

As a hard worker, George’s temporary job soon led to a full time, permanent position at LSMNJ’s affordable senior residence in Pennsauken, and he began to save money. In 2016, he shared with us four goals he had for himself and that he had already achieved three of them. “I’ve been able to get a cell phone, a bus pass for transportation, and I have opened a savings account. “My final goal is to save enough money to get my own place.”

This week, George reached his final goal. Hard work, perseverance, and a whole lot of faith handed George the keys to his very own apartment — and just in time for the holidays! Never before did “Home Sweet Home” mean so much!

George is grateful to LSMNJ and also its many supporters. “Without supporters like you, I would not have had the opportunity to ‘move forward’, gain employment, and live independently. Thank you so much!!”