It’s Business as Usual for CEO Jerry Nugent!

It’s been a long four weeks since LSM/NJ President and CEO, Jerry Nugent, took a short medical leave. He carefully prepared management, staff and board members to ensure  “business as usual” for LSM/NJ and the fulfillment of our mission.  What he couldn’t have foreseen were the impacts of Superstorm Sandy.  LSM/NJ took those special challenges in stride, but it was reassuring and a boost to storm weary staff when Jerry returned, on a limited schedule, to his office on November 5.

Jerry was touched and humbled over the past weeks by the flood of cards, calls, prayers and other support he received.  This outpouring of good wishes certainly added to his speedy recovery.  Jerry confirms, “I am feeling well and happy with my progress..  I’m back in the office on a part-time basis and building toward a return to a full-time schedule and the time to fully engage with you in all that is LSM/NJ.