Look Good…. Feel Better with Makeover Monday at New Visions

LSMNJ - New Visions Monday Makeover

Can you recall how good you felt the last time you had your hair cut or styled? And men, how about when you got your beard trimmed or you shaved your face? If you’re like most people, it gave you a little extra spring in your step or made you feel good about how you looked.

Well imagine how good it felt on Makeover Monday at New Visions Homeless Day Shelter when a team of volunteer stylists gave more than a dozen homeless patrons their first haircut or shave in months? Coordinated through Friends of Fairview Give Back, a non-profit organization that helps to feed and cloth the homeless of Camden, volunteers were also on hand to distribute clothing, shoes, and dignity bags filled with toiletries to everyone. “They come every other month,” explains Kevin Moran, Executive Director of New Visions. “Our clients really look forward to it and appreciate it.”

Six volunteer stylists from the Camden area barely had their styling tools out of the bag and there was already a line of eager participants that extended down the hall. Some were grateful to just get a trim. Others, like Pedro, age 61, were looking forward to getting the full makeover treatment.  Pedro hopes it will help him get a job at McDonalds. “I’ve been living on the streets for about 3 years. They might not hire me ‘cause I ain’t got the proper clothes, but I figure if I look a little bit decent, I might get a chance. All I need is a second chance. That’s all I need.”

Maria and another female patron were completely transformed with new cuts and styles. “It will be so easy to take care of now,” shared Maria. She was amazed as she examined her new length in the mirror. “I love it!”

What each of the participants had in common – was a little slice of normalcy. Watching one after another take their seat in the stylist’s chair, it was apparent that they used the short duration of time to enjoy the warmth of a person’s touch and escape their problems.  For most, conversation was flowing and laughter was abundant. As each makeover ended, everyone would compliment one another – and every participant expressed their sincere appreciation to the volunteers. Positive self-esteem can heal the human spirit. And, Makeover Monday seemed to provide a healthy dose of it.

See photos from the day on LSMNJ’s Flickr page.