LSMNJ Adoption Program is now Adoption Options, Again

Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey is happy to announce that its adoption program is now known as Adoption Options. Some might recall this name was used for a short period several years ago to identify our adoption program. However, for a variety of reasons, a decision was made to return to using “Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey Adoption Program” in promoting our services to the public.

Recently, we realized that to increase name recognition for our adoption program it really needed its own unique identity.  Establishing a refreshed brand that could still tie-back to LSMNJ would support our goal of attracting more birth parents considering adoption and prospective adoptive families.

Did you know there are more than 100,000 children across the United States who are currently waiting to be placed in an adoptive home? At LSMNJ, we constantly strive to locate more families who would like to adopt one or more of those waiting children. Our new name, Adoption Options, captures the heart of what we do, which is to provide options to families and birthparents that are interested in adoption.

Our new name supports our overall efforts to continue our long history of building forever families. LSMNJ began as an orphanage in 1904 and became a licensed adoption agency in 1948. The adoption program is at the heart of LSMNJ and we will continue to live up to our well-established reputation. Throughout the state, we work with families that would like to adopt infants as well as older children from the foster care system nationwide.

As Adoption Options, we remain dedicated to providing a broad scope of services to those touched by adoption including:

  • Private Adoptions
  • Relative Adoptions
  • Home Studies
  • Post-Placement Support
  • Birth Parent Counseling
  • Pre-Adoptive Counseling and Education
  • Court Reports
  • Search and Reunion Services

Our adoption staff is happy to speak with families or individuals in need of our services. Call us at (800) 458-0651 or visit