Resident Programming and Services

Throughout our many programs and services, we have altered the way we are providing resident activities, delivering meals, and connecting with families.


All Group activities have changed for the time being. Residents enjoy exercise, live entertainment, religious services, lectures, and more, using outdoor, online, and socially-distant spaces.

In our senior care communities, we are also addressing creative ways to deliver activities to our residents. Our Community Enrichment teams have been using video to celebrate resident birthdays and entertain with songs, volunteers to assemble activity packets, and ipads to engage with games through apps.

Our campus-wide free wi-fi service has proven to be an invaluable asset for residents and their families. Residents can keep in touch with loved ones and learn updates from the community’s administration and resident committees all from the comfort of home.


In our senior care communities, we have made changes to our meal delivery process to eliminate group dining and reduce contact that residents have with one another. Meals are delivered directly to each resident’s apartment or room. We are now also open for al fresco dining in select communities.

For our residents in affordable housing, we have received generous donations of grocery bags filled with food (as part of our annual Easter Drive) to help those in need during this crisis. We also have a food pantry located in the office of LSM of Camden that residents may request items from.

Communicating with Families

Visitation is available on a limited basis, and takes place outdoors. We also encourage you to communicate with residents in other ways such as the telephone, video chat, e-mail, or social media.

In our senior care communities, we have a limited number of devices that can assist our residents and have encouraged them to use the devices to FaceTime and connect with families. We have also had an outpouring of volunteers who write letters and call our residents who might not have family or friends to speak with.

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