Lutheran Care Receives Arbor Day Recognition

Burlington, NJ– Each Arbor Day the Moorestown Garden Club Appearance Committee awards a plaque to two organizations that embark on projects dedicated to the growth or preservation of trees and landscape. This year, Lutheran Care was honored to be one of those recipients as it continues to provide a beautiful setting for its patients and residents.

“It’s an honor to receive this on behalf of all of our residents,” said Lutheran Care Executive Director Doug Venzie. “We’re looking at bringing more of the outside in and trying to locate more trees and gardens in the view of our residents as wells as promote a sense of wellness for all in our center.”

Moorestown residents flocked to Pryor Park Friday morning to celebrate Arbor Day. “It’s a fabulous, annual event,” said Gina Zegal, of the Appearance Committee. “The Garden Club works with the township, chooses the location and then we work to get the tree donated. This year the Moorestown Jewish Association donated the tree, a beautiful river birch that is natural to this environment, so it should grow and flourish.”

Mayor Stacey Jordan spoke to the crowd about the importance of Arbor Day, describing herself as a true “tree hugger at heart.” Then came time for the award ceremony, where Venzie was presented a plaque in honor of Lutheran Care’s new environmentally friendly project.

“Lutheran Care came before the Appearance Committee two months ago and they showed us the gorgeous plan they have of improving and expanding their facility,” said Zegal. “It is a wonderful plan. The architect did a great job with the way they have positioned the building and parking lot, leaving the street side to be more enhanced with vegetation. We are looking forward to seeing the finished product, and we are happy this year to see Lutheran Care be the recipients of our award that we give out only once a year.”