Lutheran Care Residents Relive “Memories That Forever Changed Their Lives”

Residents of Lutheran Care at Moorestown have joined together over the past few months for a series of gatherings focused on “Memories- Treasures from God.” On Wednesday, May 26, residents relived memories from their past with, “Memories that Forever Changed Their Lives.”

This session focused on memories such as, the Pearl Harbor invasion, VE Day, JFK assassination, MLK assassination, the first man on the moon, and 9/11. Audio was played from each event, taking residents back in time. Emotion on the faces of residents was clear as they closed their eyes, nodding their head often at the memory of these life-changing events. Everyone joined together in song, which lightened the mood between memories.

The series in the past has featured memories from Sunday school and memories from raising children. Residents joined by staff and family members have enjoyed sharing with one another.

Pastor Jack Slotterback explained the significance of the series, “Many memories are taken for granted, it is so beneficial to the residents to take some time to focus and zero in on these. There is so much collected wisdom in the room, and it really brings residents together as a community when they realize how much they have in common.”