Lutheran Crossings Celebrates First Graduate of Tuition-Free Certified Nurse Assistant Program

(MOORESTOWN, NJ) – Two years ago, Lutheran Crossings at Moorestown, a non-profit senior care community, created a sponsorship program for aspiring Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and Certified Home Health Aides (CHHA). Through the program, Lutheran Crossings will pay a student’s tuition, as well as provide a stipend, to obtain their CNA or CHHA license. Upon completion of the month-long course at a qualified learning center, the student must provide one year of service to Lutheran Crossings in exchange for their tuition.

Stefon Boyer is the first student to graduate from the CNA program and has started his career at Lutheran Crossings. “My mom was a CNA for many years and she inspired me to want to learn more about the profession,” he stated. Stefon participated in the course in April of 2019 and began working with the community’s skilled nursing residents shortly thereafter. “Once I was able to get hands-on experience with residents, I immediately knew that I was meant to be in this position,” expressed Stefon.

For many people, aging can be a challenging part of life. Losing independence may negatively impact a person’s overall well-being. This tuition-paid, sponsorship program allows participants to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully assist residents with all of their needs and ease some of the difficulties that come with aging.  “At Lutheran Crossings, our CNAs, CMAs and CHHAs play a pivotal role in helping residents feel secure and comfortable in our community,” explained Lutheran Crossings’ Human Resources Director, Sonya Spisak.

“This program has given me the knowledge and first-hand experience to feel confident in my ability to be a CNA.  My goal is to get to know the residents and help them feel comfortable and at ease in their living environment. For Lutheran Crossings to take this chance on me is amazing and I am tremendously grateful,” added Stefon.

Lutheran Crossings’ encourages anyone who has considered becoming a CNA, CMA or CHHA to inquire about this incredible opportunity. “We’re proud to offer this program to the community. We want to get the word out that we can help students obtain their goal of entering the medical field,” shared Sonya.

Those interested in learning more about the CNA, CMA and CHHA tuition-paid sponsorship program at Lutheran Crossings, can call Sonya Spisak at (856) 813-5811.