Lutheran Senior LIFE Introduces the Snoezelen/Sensory Room to Participants

Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City, a program of all-inclusive care for the elderly, recently introduced the snoezelen/sensory room to participants. The sensory room is a multi-sensory, therapeutic environment for participants, designed to help them relax, away from pressures and noises of day-to-day life.

The room is intended for use by any participant but is especially beneficial to those with dementia, as this is a place to unwind and reduce anxious behavior.

“Our program participants, especially those who suffer from dementia are really benefiting from the sensory room. Here they are free from the expectations of others and stressors they experience daily, and there has been a noticeable improvement in participants moods and decreased negative behaviors,” explained Alethia Harris, recreation coordinator at Lutheran Senior LIFE.

A former exam room was converted into the sensory room after the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT team) determined there was a need for such room. The IDT team recognized there was an increase of participants who wish to relax in a calming atmosphere and may find the main common room overpowering at times.

The room is designed with a large sensory panel, which provides multiple sensory interaction opportunities. The room is filled with intriguing objects and décor including fiber optic light sprays and mini lava lamps used for mood elevation and relaxation. When the lights are turned off the room transforms into a glowing, captivating, moonlighted star wall. An aromatherapy diffuser releases calming scents, as therapeutic sounds play, while participants explore the stimulating elements independently with direction provided as needed.

For more information on Lutheran Senior LIFE, please call 1-877-543-3188.