Mt. Olive Employee Saves Residents Life

This is Diego Aquino, maintenance superintendant at Mt. Olive Senior Residence in Flanders, NJ. Last month Diego was in the hallway of Mt. Olive, on the second floor, around 12:30pm, when he noticed a “Meals on Wheels” lunch hanging on a residents’ door. Diego had a feeling something was wrong, so he knocked on the door. 
He knocked and shouted, and no one answered. He tried his key but the chain was on the door. He phoned the property manager, Carolyn Swenson, but she had just left for lunch. Mt. Olive has a rule that two people always go into an apartment if they suspect trouble, so Carolyn immediately turned around to assist Diego. 
He broke the chain and found the resident unconscious in a chair in her living room. He called 911 and the rescue squad arrived in just a few minutes. They gave her oxygen and she did not revive. She barely had a pulse. Diego knew she was diabetic so they tested her blood sugar and it was very low. They started an IV and she was revived in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  
The policeman on the scene that day expressed to Carolyn that if it had not been for Diego’s quick actions, the resident would have died. 
Our resident is going to be fine, thanks to Diego’s heroic act. On behalf of the resident’s family and everyone at LSMNJ, we proudly salute Diego Aquino for going above and beyond his daily duties and for the compassion he has for the residents at Mt. Olive Senior Residence.