Michael Kaizar, CALA, NJHIC, CW, HUDC

Executive Director, Plant Operations and Contracting

Michael joined LSMNJ in March 2021. After graduating with a BS in Business from Glassboro State NJ in 1987, he soon left for the sunny shores of Wilmington NC where he remained for over 30 years with his family. Always in the private sector, Michael owned and operated his own businesses. Since the roller-skating industry paid his way through college, it was only fitting that owning a skating Rink would be his first venture. As life evolved, Michael would own and operate a real estate company, A HUD reconveyance company, a general contracting company, and an aluminum fabrication business.

In late 2016 Michael and his wife made the decision to move back to NJ to be closer to family and help with their aging parents. It was a logical conclusion at that point to transfer from the private sector demands and concentrate on quality of life. Michael joined the senior healthcare industry in 2017 and has worked in a facility operation capacity for non-profits since then. Michael Joined LSMNJ because of their strong mission. Michael said, “It has been apparent since day one, LSMNJ always puts its residents first”.

Michael still enjoys roller skating, playing tennis, and making cool things with aluminum! With the kids all grown, Michael enjoys his time with his bride of 26 years, his 2 Dobermans, and his 105lb Tortoise named Timmy.