Shawn Thompson FMP, NAHMA

Executive Director of Housing

Shawn Thompson has been promoted to the esteemed position of Executive Director of Housing at Lutheran Social Ministries of NJ. Shawn has been a valued member of the LSMNJ family since joining in 2008 as a Maintenance technician at LSM of Camden. After two years, he was promoted to Plant Operations Manager, with responsibilities for the physical plant across all of LSMNJ’s housing properties.  After briefly filling in as the Director of Plant Operations at The Villa at Florham Park, Shawn returned to the corporate office, and shortly thereafter took on the interim role of Housing Director.

“My time and experience working in so many different levels within our Housing Department has provided me with a great understanding of the housing team, our facilities and their communities. Throughout my time here, the management team has always given me full support and encouragement as I looked to educate myself to further my career,” he stated.

Shawn’s experiences have provided him with the necessary skills to successfully manage the many challenges that come with the department. “It’s a challenging environment that changes from day-to-day and you can’t succeed in this field if you’re not willing to learn and grow with it,” explains Shawn.

Outside of work, Shawn enjoys being surrounded by family and friends. “My wife Kiyra and our three children keep a tight grip on most of my free time and I wouldn’t want it any other way,” said Shawn.  He also enjoys traveling, exercising and competing in various outdoor activities such as triathlons, mud runs and local 5k’s.