Volunteering Needs Continue During COVID pandemic

In the wake of a pandemic, the need for volunteers has never been greater.

Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey’s mission as a not-for-profit organization is to serve residents statewide who hurt, who are in need, or who have limited choices–regardless of religious background or affiliation. We realized a long time ago that the best way to fulfill our purpose was to bring people together to help make the lives of those we serve better. The pandemic has made the ability to help those in need harder, and the number of people able to volunteer their time has decreased dramatically in the past year and a half.

Volunteers are a large part of our community, they develop a deep understanding of our local needs and challenges. Countless volunteers have performed a vital role within the Lutheran Social Ministries family since its beginning in 1905, and in the wake of the pandemic, volunteer help is more critical than ever. As things begin to return to normal, the need for volunteers will grow again.  

Volunteers, like our very own Christine Messina, help make all the difference at LSMNJ, no matter what role they play.

“I am honored to volunteer as a Foundation Board member with Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey. I am most inspired by the real-life stories of hard-working Moms and Dads who take pride in their pre-Covid history of being able to pay their rent and who are now desperately trying to survive ongoing financial devastation. I volunteer to support LSMNJ’s efforts across the state to help families and seniors in need.” –Christine Messina, Vice President at AllRisk Property Damage Experts

Some volunteers come up with creative ways to reach out and help. During the early onset of the pandemic, students and faculty at Felician University created a Pen Pals program to combat seniors’ loneliness and isolation. They would email and video chat to share short stories, poems and daily scriptures. Seniors appreciated the chance to communicate and create new friendships.

At LSMNJ, we’re always looking for volunteers who can share their time and talents with those we serve. Currently, we need assistance with the following roles, but if you have an idea of how you can lend a hand, let us know:

  • Write letters and send cards to our senior residents
  • Place friendly phone calls to our senior residents
  • Create activity packets for senior residents
  • Gather food donation bags for our affordable housing residents
  • Organize and stock food donations in our food pantries
  • Coordinate a food drive
  • Schedule a food donation for our healthcare staff during their shifts
  • Veteran Volunteers
  • Hospice Volunteers

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer contact Beth Gebhart at bgebhart@lsmnj.org or by calling (609) 699-4133.