Thanksgiving Message From LSMNJ CEO, Colleen Frankenfield

Dear Residents, Participants, Clients and Family Members of the LSMNJ Family:   

As we prepare to celebrate this Thanksgiving, we wanted to express our sincere thanks to you for the confidence and trust that you have in our team members. During this season, we take the opportunity to thank you for your support, your collaboration and efforts. We are blessed to have you with us. We are also blessed with wonderful teams who work hard every day to keep our residents, clients and participants across the LSMNJ family healthy and safe. 

‘Thank you’ is such a simple phrase, yet very powerful, as it reflects and encompasses the appreciation, the respect, and the deep sentiments that each of us has for one another. It is a phrase that so many of you use each day to show your appreciation for a moment of connection, a helping hand or the kindness or support shown. These powerful words mean a great deal to every team member and each time it renews their spirits that the work they do is appreciated. It is even more powerful today for team members at a time when the workforce across the country is in high demand.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope that you will take time to enjoy, laugh and connect with family, friends and loved ones. In these moments, remember the many blessings that we have all received, and forget any challenges of the past eighteen months. Enjoy the gift of each other, the renewed connection of being together, and the warmth of a hug or a smile. Here in these moments, we pray each of you will find strength and support that will re-fuel and revitalize. Take the time to find joy…feel the internal warmth and relish the love that immediately lifts you up and connects you with each other. It is great to be able to celebrate this year, safely, but a bit closer to each other. 

While the beauty of the colorful trees and landscapes is fading, Thanksgiving and the changing colors remind us of the beauty that each changing season brings to us. It reminds us that each season, like the seasons of our lives, brings beauty and more reasons to celebrate. 

Today and every day, we at LSMNJ are thankful for each and every one of you. Together with our Chaplains, we lift you up in prayer. Our residents, participants, clients and team members across our system are the heart and soul of our mission and we pray for your continued health and safety.     

This Thanksgiving, on behalf of our Board of Trustees, our leadership and team members, we wish you and your family…hearts filled with peace, good health and happiness through the holiday season and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Colleen Frankenfield, President & CEO, Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey