LIFE: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for someone to enroll in the program?

The process can take anywhere from as little as three weeks to as long as two months, depending on several factors including financial documentation gathering, timeliness of assessments in home and at the center. We pride ourselves on helping the person make the transition into LIFE as smoothly as possible and typically there is a good amount of paperwork involved which our team helps the person complete. Please know participants can both enroll and dis-enroll at any time.

Do LIFE participants attend the day health center every day?

No. On average, Lutheran Senior LIFE participants attend the day center three times a week. Day center attendance is based on individual needs and can range from once a week, or every month, to several days a week, as needed.

What happens if a LIFE participant needs nursing home care?

The goal of LIFE as a PACE program is to keep participants out of a nursing home as long as possible. If at some point it is in the best interest of the participant to receive care in a nursing home, Lutheran Senior LIFE will pay for the care and the supervision of the interdisciplinary team will continue.

How do LIFE participants get to the day health center?

Lutheran Senior LIFE provides transportation to the day health center. Transportation is a key part of the PACE model of care benefit. Transportation is not only provided between the home and the day health center, but also to medical appointments.

Are prescription drugs covered?

Yes. All prescription and non-prescription drugs deemed necessary by the Lutheran Senior LIFE interdisciplinary care team are paid for by the LIFE program.

If enrolled in the program, how do I get my medications?

Your LIFE primary care provider will prescribe medications for you. Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City is a Medicare Part D provider, and all medications will be provided through the approved network pharmacy. Your prescription will be given to you on one of your assigned center days or will be delivered to your home.

How can I find out if I’m eligible or refer a friend/neighbor to Lutheran Senior LIFE?

Please have them call us at 201-499-3873 or 201-499-3875 and speak to one of our Lutheran Senior LIFE intake staff members who will explain the program in more detail. Thereafter, we will schedule a personal visit with them in their home and assess their healthcare needs to determine if they are an appropriate fit for the program.

Can I just use a specific service such as home care, meals, transportation, or the day health center?

No. Focusing on a single aspect of care does not provide our participants with the best chance of remaining independent in the community. For example, a member may need rehabilitation after a stroke, which could include a special diet or medications for hypertension, diabetes and other chronic problems. The member may also feel lonely and isolated. LIFE can address these problems through a team of experienced professionals and a treatment plan that deals with the complete picture.

Can I keep my own doctor?

Not at this time. When a person enrolls in Lutheran Senior LIFE, she or he is assigned a primary care physician who is part of an interdisciplinary team skilled in treating common problems of the aging. The participants assigned primary care physician works with other members of the team to coordinate all services a member receives.

LIFE participants agree to receive all health care services exclusively from LIFE’s interdisciplinary team which usually consists of a physician, clinic & home care nurses, social worker, physical, occupational, speech, and recreational therapists, healthcare worker and transportation representative.

Can I dis-enroll at any time?

If, for any reason, you do not feel that Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City is what you want, you have the right to leave the program at any time. Enrollment in Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City is voluntary. You may initiate disenrollment from Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City at any time, however; the effective date of termination of benefits is midnight of the last day of the month that coordination of insurance benefits is complete.

What if I have a question after hours?

For after hours care or to leave a message for any Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City staff member call Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City at (877) 543-3188 and the answering service will contact a health care professional for you. For the hearing impaired, call the State Relay Operator 1 (800) 537-7697.

Will you pay for my old bills from doctors?

Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City will only provide payment for authorized covered services starting on your first date of enrollment. Any prior services rendered should be billed to your previous managed care organization.

If enrolled in the program, do I make my own doctor’s appointments?

You will be assigned a team of skilled, caring health professionals who will provide ongoing monitoring, care, follow-up and coordination of covered services such as day care; medical, nursing, social work and nutrition services; physical, occupational, and speech therapy; hospital and skilled nursing care; medical specialty services such as audiology, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, and psychiatry.

If enrolled in the program, how are home care hours and center days determined?

Determination of Home Care
Upon enrollment an LSL nurse will conduct a Home Care Assessment in your home and supportive services will be determined based on an individual’s treatment plans and care needs. The supportive services may include: household and related chores such as laundering, meal assistance, cleaning, and shopping, as well as assistance with personal care as needed.

Determination of Center Days
The frequency of a participant’s attendance at the center is determined by IDT based on the needs and preferences of each participant. The guideline utilized takes into account the participant’s medical condition, behavioral, psycho-social and personal care needs, caregiver support and preferences.

If enrolled in the program, how do I get to the day centers and to and from appointments?

Lutheran Senior LIFE provides transportation to the Day Center, at no cost. Transportation is not only provided between the home and Day Center, but also to appointments with specialists and other medical related appointments.